The story

The story of My Doll – The origins

Once upon a time there was a mum called Maruska, a sweet lady who, as any mum in the world, knew how to do a lot of things well, putting herself completely into whatever she did. 

On a Fall evening, Maruska, enveloped in the warmth and cosiness of a fireplace, looked at her hands and approached her daughter’s Angela bed. While admiring her smile, she decided to make something special for her. 

When the night came and the owl screeched, Maruska stacked some big logs in the fireplace and suddenly she felt in her heart that that was the time to make something magic, so to teach Angela how to love life.

Maruska worked all night long. On that very night My Doll was born. The next morning, here she was, here was My Doll, sat on top of the kitchen table, lean on a cookie box, 

wearing a lace pyjamas and a bonnet, holding a doll in her hands. Next to a jar of white sugar was a bed with a soft chequered quilt draped on it. If that wasn’t enough, a wardrobe, massive and sturdy as the oak 

wood it was made of, was standing by a bow full of milk. A nice backpack was in a drawer, ready to start its journey and discover the world.

Maruska took care of everything. The wardrobe was full of clothes for My Doll, hung up on tiny and delicate multicoloured wooden coat hangers. Stunning blouses, a variety of gorgeous everyday clothes, elegant outfits for special occasions, fancy pinafores and nice hats. 

“Wake up! Wake up, sweetie pie! Breakfast is ready”. When Angela realized what her mummy had made for her, she was very excited and couldn’t believe her own eyes. Finally, she had got her own cherished, romantic doll to hold close to her heart. 

When her best friend Aurora came to visit her that afternoon, as she always did, Angela run towards her and told her all the magic mum had done. Then, she took Aurora’s hands and led her into her bedroom. 

Aurora was speechless in admiring what Maruska had created. They immediately started to play.

As the years went by, the two friends never turned from their cherished dolls, a symbol of their friendship, of the moments they spent together. When Angela had the first daughter, they decided to keep up with this tradition by creating new doll’s clothes and accessories. 

Today Angela and Aurora are still very close. Through the rag dolls they create let, children in the world receive the full benefits of a ecological, simple toy, grow healthy and enhance imagination.