A My Doll making

Angela e Aurora, amiche del cuore fin dall’infanzia, si divertono molto a giocare con le loro bambine a bambole.Loro sono state le prime a divertirsi con una vera My Doll. 

Angela is Maruska’s daughter, the creator of the Authentic, Favourite rag doll My Doll. 

Nobody knows better than Aurora and Angela this wonderful world with plenty of opportunities for play. Looking at their daughter playing with My Doll, they feel the big warm hug of Love reaching out their hearts. It’s the love of a special mom who let her daughter’s dream come true: to have a personal doll designed around her specific needs….  Maruska created many more dolls over time   for each friend of Angela. From that moment on, every girl had the possibility to have her own My Doll and share the everyday life with. It’s now the turn of Angela and Aurora to ensure this legacy and create, as moms, the dolls who have witnessed all the important moments they experienced in life. At the heart of any new My Doll collection, released twice each year,  it’s this fond love and passion that let every children in the world play and have fun with My Doll. 


Choosing fabrics and natural materials for the doll and her accessories…

Angela and Aurora look to the moments of play shared with their lovable daughters as inspiration for any new My Doll collection. When the little ones play with My Doll and give free rein to their imagination, that’s how to find the distinctive features of each new collection and start the search of fabrics, trims, buttons, lace and ribbons. Angela and Aurora really wish their little ones’ dreams come true.  The selection of the fabrics is a demanding job, the most critical step of the production process. They visit a lot of exhibitions, trade fairs, suppliers and shops in order to select the perfect fabrics and patterns through which the authentic My Doll may tell a story and express a mood. 


From inspiration to sketch…

Once the fabric is selected, the two best friends start to conceive what the dolls’ setting would be like.  There are so many ways to find inspiration for a new collection in daily life! They enjoy a cup of tea while starting to draw some sketches with crayons, coloured pencils, watercolours and pastels.  A new idea  has finally taken shape, it’s a dream come true. 


The magic of embroidery and trims!

Aurora has a passion for embroidery, she is therefore very glad to take care of this craft. In order to get the best results, she spends the whole day drawing sketches and practising. She has  well in her mind the fond memories of her granny teaching her this antique skill on cold winter days.  Her daughter is getting impressed by her mom’s artwork, so Aurora takes this opportunity to teach her some needlework.


The sewing pattern and fabric cutting…

Once the sketches and embroidery are defined, Angela and Aurora start making the sewing patterns. It’s a great fun acting as fashion designer! The trend is inspired by  the love they feel towards their daughters and towards every children of the world. Standing at a table with a paper roll, a pencil, a sewing ruler, they begin to draw and cut the patterns. When everything is ready, they cut the fabric using the cut and fold line on the pattern piece as a guide.  

The fabric pieces are then assembled to create a garment for a new My Doll. What a magical experience! Here comes a rag doll from a simple sketch!


The process of making from concept to completion: a new My Doll comes to life…

Now that the garment is nearly finished, it’s time to start with the embroidery work:  Aurora can’t wait to see the end result. She quickly switch on the sewing machine and start stitching colourful embroidery threads on the fabric. As soon as Aurora has tied off the last stitch, Angela is very impressed by her friend brilliant performance. Next step is to put any single pieces together and start sewing the actual dress. Sharing a look of mutual understanding as only best friends do, they sit at the sewing table and get the machine ready to start. At last, their hard work pays off!! Clothes and accessories are finally ready……… 


A dream come true….

Once the clothes have been perfectly ironed, Angela and Aurora are getting their dolls ready to be dressed up. The clothes fit perfectly right, the dolls seem to come to life. All the new My Doll sit  on the sewing table fully dressed and ready to go! The two friends hold hands, looking at their work. They look back on their childhood, on the perfect moments they experienced with the dolls made by Maruska. Living in the world of My Doll has always meant living in a world with plenty of Love.