La bambola del cuore

Living in the magical world of My Doll:

a world where the value of  love, of real family bonds, of respect for nature are promoted through our dolls, with the primary aim to enhance our children’s imagination and creativity. These core values are, in our opinion,  the guidelines for our children’s education. 

With our dolls, children can practice the day-to-day life experiences while developing their creativity and imagination.  
My Doll select and use natural materials to ensure our children may live and play in a healthy environment with a safe, natural and ecological toy. 

Time for free play has been markedly reduced for some children. Currently, children overuse  ”passive entertainments” such as  smartphones, tablets, computer games. We intend to reverse this trend and offer  a true toy:  with My Doll  children may use their imagination fully, and parents may spend quality time with their children.


My Doll is an active play in which children use their imagination to create pretend and make-believe scenarios and take on different roles such as a mom, a sister, or an imaginary character. While practising adult roles, children enhance confidence they will need to face future challenges.

While dressing a My Doll, or changing her outfit,  we conceive new stories and new characters: a My Doll is the most enjoyable play experience that gives children the freedom to invent and the freedom to discover  their imagery. 


Our rag dolls connect people across generations and create cherished memories of all the meaningful traditions, and of all the unforgettable moments of play we shared and celebrated with our families and friends. Memories that will help us shape our future. 
We feel very responsible for our environment, as well as for our children and their well-being. My Doll is a  safe, eco-friendly, child-friendly toy, a product carefully handmade by our team of employees in a workplace in accordance with international ethical standards. Our products meet the safety standards and regulations and have been  certified by IISG (Italian Institute for Toy Safety).