I valori di My Doll

8 values characterize each doll My Doll


This is the most distinctive feature of our doll. Each item is skilfully crafted by expert hands,

paying close attention to detail in each production’s step. The result is a unique handiwork,

where a minor flaw is not actually a defect or imperfection, but a feature adding depth

and genuineness to the product.


High quality and attention to detail

Any single product is made with attention to the smallest details from the dimension of stitching to the

finishing touches. From the early stages of the creation process to production the product is carefully

monitored and supervised. Such features make our product instantly distinguishable from other

products in the market.



A product defined ecological is a product causing minimal damage to the environment with a low impact in

terms of energy consumption. Our doll is made of wool and cotton, it’s therefore a product made from

elements that are found in nature.



Our products are in compliance with the European standards safety requirements CE EN71 and have been

tested and certified by IIG (Italian Institute for Toy Safety) concerning the part I (Mechanical and physical

properties), part II (flammability) and part III (specification for migration of certain elements).


The outcome of intensive research work and studies

Behind every doll there is a lot of research work. Our constant research aims to ensure a creative, refined,

high-quality product. We are devoted in providing an educational tool with a message to get across children and

caregivers. Our Creative Department brings in a nonstop innovation in conceiving, developing and shaping new dolls,

new accessories, new fantastic tales to tell. Dreams are our inspiration, the concept on which our research of a unique,

magical product is based.


100% natural: cotton and wool

Our doll is made from natural materials. The body is made of 100% cotton fabric. Cotton is obtained from

the capsule of the cotton plant, and is globally recognized as the most important vegetable fiber. The doll’s

hair is made of 100% wool. Wool is considered, like cotton, a 100% natural fiber, being a textile fiber

obtained from sheep shearing. The doll’s accessories, such as clothes, are mostly made of these natural

materials too.


Pedagogical, didactic, educational and interactive

Our product is related to everyday life experiences and enhances the child’s social skill development and interaction.

It’s didactic tool because it offers teachers, parents and caregivers guidance in the teaching and learning process.

It’s an educational tool that enables children to learn about themselves and their place in the world through the process

of pretending. It’s an interactive toy that allows children have an active role during the play activity, besides

playing a key role in the everyday life.


Connecting and bonding  generations 

Our dolls provide the wonder of sharing emotional details and memories passed down through

generations. She’s not a merely product, she’s a life choice that helps caring adults build our children’s

social and emotional skills necessary to succeed in life.